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Poison Apple Pixels

Terms of Use

The majority of the artwork on this site is linkware, unless otherwise specified. Please abide by the following terms of use if you wish to adopt/use my work:

NO MATTER WHAT, always link back to Poison Apple Pixels.
No exceptions; this is how linkware works.


  1. use any this work on social media where linking back is not possible -- this includes Facebook, SpaceHey, Mastodon, Bluesky, Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like.
  2. add any of these pixels to your own compilations of pixel graphics for others to use, or include them as a part of a torrent or zip. They are not yours to do this with.
  3. edit any of them -- except, obviously, for the bases. Use them only as is.
  4. take anything that is marked non-adoptable or made for other people, unless otherwise specified.

Providing you link back/provide proper credit, you may:

  1. adopt the non-webmaterial for toyboxes, pixel collections, etc.
  2. use the webmaterial on any non-commercial website.

If you disagree with these terms or find them objectionable, simply do not use any of the pixel art within this site.